How Do I Get A Copy Of My Crash Report?

You’ve been involved in a car accident on Iowa roads: now what? One of the best steps you can take in the days and weeks after a crash is securing a copy of your official Iowa accident report. This document can be a helpful tool to you throughout the claims process, as it contains all of the important details about your accident.

When you call a local law enforcement officer to the scene of a crash, they will thoroughly investigate the accident, collecting evidence and filing an official Iowa accident report. In this document, they will list all of the important details about the crash, including:

  • The date, time, and location of the accident
  • Any injuries and fatalities suffered
  • Any property damage sustained (both vehicular and non-vehicular)
  • A diagram to visually reflect the events of the accident
  • A written narrative which describes the accident
  • Investigating agency’s information
  • Vehicle (unit) information (Make, model, year, color, body type, vehicle identification number, license plate number, vehicle defects, etc.)
  • Driver information (insurance, license, and contact information)
  • Conditions at the time of the accident (road, weather, traffic, light)
  • Whether or not any hazardous materials were released
  • Whether or not any drug tests were administered

As you might imagine, this can be valuable information to have on file, particularly if you plan to claim insurance benefits. When you file a claim, your insurance adjuster will use the report to investigate the accident, determining causation and establishing fault as they decide what kind of financial settlement you are owed.

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Unfortunately, acquiring a copy of your accident report through local government and law enforcement agencies in Iowa may require you to make a trip to their offices, wait in long lines, and pay a processing fee. We believe you should never have to deal with these inconveniences. That’s why we will provide a copy of your certified Iowa Traffic Crash Report at absolutely zero cost and without you ever leaving your home.

Common Questions About the Iowa Crash Report

Although you can file a report as an individual, you are far better prepared for the claims process if you have a law enforcement officer file your report at the scene of the crash. Officers’ reports tend to hold greater weight throughout the claims process, as they are less biased and more clear accounts of the events of the accident.

According to federal law, all accident reports are considered public records. Because of this, anyone who can provide the following details can secure a copy of your report:

  • Driver’s name
  • Date, time, and location of the accident

In the state of Iowa, you can recover a copy of your report by mail, but you will still have to pay the $4.00 processing fee. Unfortunately, requesting reports via mail can be a lengthy and costly process.

Generally, reports are made available for request ten business days from the date of the crash.

How to Get a FREE Copy of Your Crash Report

Collisions can be overwhelmingly stressful situations. While some entities charge unnecessary fees and ask for extensive paperwork to provide a copy of your official collision report, we’re committed to simplifying this process for you.

By answering a few straightforward questions about your collision, we’ll secure an official copy of your report, completely free and with no obligations.

We were founded on a mission to assist people who were involved in car wrecks in Iowa by providing giving them access to the resources they need. By providing free crash reports, helpful advice, and connection to legal and medical resources, we hope you can put your accident behind you once and for all.
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